Jacob, a child with Down Syndrome, enjoying a family holiday and browsing in shops, like any other 5 year old child wouldJacob looking at books and watching TV at age 6 years - Down Syndrome doesn't stop normal development, but social attitudes do. - Jacob, a baby with Down Syndrome - Jacob at one year of age

DOWN SYNDROME TREATMENTS – Our Son’s Experience with many of them


PTZ, the Down Syndrome treatment to enhance memory, learning, intelligence (IQ), that you may hear around the world very soon:

This is one of our latest Down Syndrome Treatment research updates: Pentylenetetrazole, or PTZ for short, erroneously referred to as the ginkgo extract bilobalide ( a drug that was also found to help leaning and memory).

PTZ can both decrease the effect of GABBA in the brain, making it easier for mice with Down Syndrome to learn and retain information.

Human studies of the effect of PTZ on those with Down Syndrome are not too far away.

Pentylenetetrazole has been used in human treatments before, so we know some information about it. Getting the dosage of pentylenetetrazole or similiar type substances correct is necessary to avoid seizures. There is also the problems of when to take and how often to take, the purity of the product to use and so on and so on.

It would be quite dangerous to run off and use pentylenetetrazole as a Down Syndrome treatment now – the researchers, Fabian Fernandez, et al, 2007, warn that we need to wait and see what the research reveals for humans with Down Syndrome and how to implement this Down Syndrome treatment safely.

Regrettably, some parents and web sites have jumped the gun with the ginkgo extract bilobalide as a Down Syndrome treatment, and are putting kids at great risk by doing so. Although Pentylenetetrazole is FDA approved, the ginkgo extract bilobalide is NOT FDA approved for human use.

Down Syndrome cures like the above may be a reality by 2020AD.


People with Down syndrome are faced with a great number of challenges in life, starting at birth. The syndrome, also called Trisomy 21, is caused when an additional copy of part or all of chromosome 21 is found within the person’s genome.

While mental retardation and the characteristic facial features that occur in Down syndrome are what are most people think of when they consider this disorder, the extra chromosomal copy leads to developmental disturbances and delays of almost every organ system.

Down syndrome causes various problems including disorders of the digestive system, musculature, hormonal systems, hearing, vision, and spine.

Down syndrome also often interferes with the normal development of the heart.

As a result, WITHOUT treatment, any kid with Down Syndrome nearly always has mental retardationhealth problems, shortened life expectancy / span (most would die before age 2 years) and poorly developed abilities.

In searching for a Down Syndrome treatment to help increase the intelligence, we found many Down Syndrome Treatments covering many disabilities common to Down Syndrome. Many of these treatments had beneficial results for those with Down Syndrome.

Some of the better OR more popular Down Syndrome Treatments we now share with you – The treatments which worked and which ones appeared not to. Why waste your money and your kid’s inheritance on a Down Syndrome treatment that doesn’t work, or doesn’t work well?


This web page is about our exploration of Down Syndrome treatments in order to help our son, Jacob – a kid with Down Syndrome. This Down Syndrome website originally started in 2000, on another server, shortly after Jacob was born. At that time we had become convinced that Targeted Nutrient Intervention – TNI – was the Treatment for Down Syndrome that would rock the foundations of the medical world.

Some of our information and opinions of several Down Syndrome Treatments have changed over the years in the light of further research, better research and Jacob’s experience with some of them.

We continue to walk the walk, so please don’t view the contents of this web site as set in concrete – it also because we walk the walk that we talk the talk here. Everyone’s experiences with their kids with Down Syndrome can be valuable in understanding what to do and what not to do with them.

Just to give you some insight into what we are on about, here’s just one Down Syndrome treatment that I believe you possibly know nothing about: The eye sight of someone with Down Syndrome – even if they don’t need glasses – lacks definition for detail, which in turn means your kid may benefit, particulary in school academics, crossing roads, playing active games, by having a person who specialises in working with the near blind provide feedback on how to best present visual material to your kid. Am extremely important early interention for a kid with Down Syndrome – an alternative Down Syndrome treatment that we found highly enlightening, beneficial and potentially life saving for our son.

That’s incredibly valuable information for any parent of a kid with Down Syndrome. That’s what we hope you will get out of reading our web site, incredibly valuable Down Syndrome treatment orientated strategies to help your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter with Down Syndrome.

Also, please take note of this: An optometry assessment at a later date also showed that Jacob needed glasses, even though he gave no indication of needing them and earlier examinations failed to reveal any problem.

This page is mainly focused on Down Syndrome treatments which are aimed at increasing intelligence in those with Down Syndrome. It covers the problems, the Therapies and Treatments for Down Syndrome and Jacob’s experience with most of them: Targeted Nutrient Intervention ( tni ), Metabolic Imbalance, Microencephaly, Intelligence, Mental Retardation, Stimulation, Blood Tests, DMSO, Dolphin Therapy, Doman-Delacato method, Compression Chamber, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopath, Massage and, the Specific Carbohydrate diet.

I can’t put everything on one web page, this one is already twice the size it should be. Find more treatments or more in depth discussions of treatments for Down Syndrome on the side of these pages with Click on Links to Them – underlined normally means clickable – or go to our Down Syndrome Index page for more detailed overview of the pages in our web site.

Many Other Pages in This Web Site are Devoted to Understanding, treating and Overcoming the Effects of Down Syndrome.

You can Contact Us by Email or through our Down Syndrome forum when we get it up and running.

All Down Syndrome information on this web site is for discussion – you should visit other websites, do your own research, weigh everything up and make your own decisions on which Down Syndrome treatment, if any, that you want to try.

Here’s Ours and Jacob’s walk with Down Syndrome in the very early years and our attempts at Increasing Intelligence, Improving Health and Abilities, through early intervention!

Jacob with Down Syndrome as a new born infant.Our son, Jacob, was born with Down Syndrome. We suspected months before he was born, but refused amnio. as we considered his life to be too precious to jeopardise. We are Christians and therefore consider all kids to be gifts from God.

It wasn’t easy, the not knowing and we reconciled our concerns in the statistics on Down Syndrome that indicated we had only a remote possibility of having a kid with Down Syndrome.

When he was born (picture taken shortly after birth), we were devastated by his diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome. As a psychologist, I knew exactly what his life would be like and I hated the future that was being thrust on him by Down Syndrome. The mental retardation, to use out dated, but very blunt words, was his greatest enemy. If you feel this way too, you may benefit from checking out Perception Down Syndrome, which is how we are now viewing things, 7.5 years down the line: Life is good.

In despair we and others sought God to remove this Down Syndrome from him. We will pray for this all our remaining days, or until God or one of His disciples brings forth Jacob’s healing, or until Jacob tells us to stop.

We also sought out, through the internet, other parents of Down Syndrome (Downs Syndrome) to pray with us, but instead found a lot of Christians who believed God had put this on their kids and that we needed to embrace Down Syndrome as our friend.

This Down Syndrome that tries to kill our kids (in the early 1900’s, about 80% of kids with Down Syndrome died before they were six years old), maim them and rob them of their ability to think well, etc, etc, etc.

However, in all honesty, although we still disagree with them over this, these people were also very supportive by congratulating us on the birth of our son, which helped us adjust much quicker to having a kid with Down Syndrome – it helped us to focus on Jacob again, rather than the condition that Jacob had.

Targeted Nutrient Intervention – The use of Vitamins as a Down Syndrome Treatment

In the end we were invited to join a private moderated newsgroup. Many of the group were Christians fighting for their kids’s freedom from the symptoms of Down’s Syndrome. They were using nutrition and smart drugs as a treatment for Down Syndrome to increase intelligence and improve health and abilities.

Exactly the sort of treatment we were searching for, but I was sceptical about using vitamins and other nutrients to increase intelligence, my training and profession said it wouldn’t work, but since Carolyn and I were given no options by mainstream medicine – and after some promising research – we opted to use the targeted nutrient intervention and smart drug treatment for Down Syndrome.Down Syndrome TNI is nutritional intervention targeted to combat the metabolic imbalances caused by the altered genetics of Down Syndrome.

TNI is a fancy name for vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplementation / therapy. Similiar to a vitamin pill, but supposedly enhanced to meet the special metabolic need of someone with Down’s Syndrome.

The newsgroup also pushed the idea of piracetam as a Down Syndrome treatment and it’s early use to increase intelligence. Piracetam increases the amount of acetylcholine in the brain of a person with Down’s Syndrome. This neurotransmitter is normally significantly reduced in people with Down’s Syndrome. Piracetam also helps to counteract other adverse effects of the Down Syndrome’s metabolism on the brain. Piracetam is apparently an extremely safe smart drug suitable for babies; which is believed to enhance their awareness. It was argued that the use of piracetam and choline as a treatment for Down Syndrome would bring about increasing intelligence. We talk more about TNI etc further down.

Down Syndrome internet based News Groups were often used to try and find useful early treatments for use with kids with Down Syndrome

We eventually left the second Down Syndrome newsgroup after about two years, because it’s ‘owner’, one of the founders of the TNI approach, forbade discussion on important aspects which would clarify how good the TNI approach really was. It was, as the owner described it, a pro TNI group – nothing negative about tni was allowed.

There is another newsgroup that we are occassionally involved in, but it is so technical and theoretical that most of it just goes over our heads and it is seldom posted in for that reason I think; it was also focused on increasing intelligence health and abilities of those with Down Syndrome, but it is almost, if not dead now.

So even though we were involved in three internet based Down Syndrome newsgroups, I can’t really suggest any to you. So if you want to start a Down Syndrome newsgroup up, please let us know – in the mean time we will be starting up a forum on Down Syndrome, but we would love to be in a newsgroup focused on increasing intelligence health and abilities of those with Down Syndrome ! It is good to be able to share experiences and ask for help and hear how other people met that problem and so on.


Down Syndrome and the use of massive early stimulation as a treatment.

To achieve our target of increasing Jacob’s intelligence, we included as part of Jacob’s Down Syndrome treatment – ( which was TNI, early intervention and massive stimulation ) – enrollment in a normal day care centre when Jacob was around one month of age.

Being a very labor intensive treatment for Down Syndrome, we realised the amount of stimulation he needed was basically beyond us, or most parents for that matter. We were also fighting our own depression and grief over his Down Syndrome, coming to terms with having to place my mother into a dementia unit, while still fighting to overcome the chronic illnesses that were / are plaguing Carolyn – my wife.

Day Care gave him access to about five other adults and many, many kids, all playing and largely enjoying themselves – lots of noise and interactions, as well as much opportunity to develop the all important social skills. Jacob loved his day care experience, at one year of age he sat and played and reached out for others – he was well accepted and the staff knew we liked him to be awake experiencing the stimulation – but sometimes babies have to sleep.

One day, by accident, I dropped him off before taking him to his ultrasound appointment, so I had to go back and get him. When I picked him up a few minutes later, he burst into tears over being taken out, he really loves it there. We didn’t want focused early intervention, we wanted generalised massive stimulation.

Early long term intense stimulation improves the interconnectedness of the brain neurons, meaning a better functioning brain in general – we also used the Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist … for more specific ability development, but this other professional input was limited because of the lack of therapists in the district.

The Day Care Centre staff were great and grew with Jacob, accepting much input from early intervention ‘disability’ workers about how to help Jacob along and how to include him in the activities with the other kids. We were just so lucky to have them and all the specialist workers.

Day Care for Down Syndrome still has our thumbs up – it was excellent as a Down Syndrome treatment in that it did provide him with many learning opportunities and much learning. It was also an excellent Down Syndrome treatment because it allowed other treatments for Down Syndrome to be included – right there in the Day Care Centre – toilet training, social skill training …

More on Jacob, Down Syndrome and TNI / Vitamin Treatment

Some of the proponents of the tni treatment for Down Syndrome believe the brain of a Down Syndrome baby to be typically normal until around 4 to 6 months of age – at that age the Down Syndrome deterioration on the brain sets in – neuron trees are stopped from developing normally etc. Believed to be due to nutritional, stimulation, neurotransmitter and genetic variables to a large extent; without the appropriate quantities of nutrients, they argue the brain apparently oxidises with the mylenisation on the neurons being compromised. It is all very technical, but you can find a simplified introduction by clicking on the metabolic imbalance – tni link, on the left. The argument is that increasing intelligence with those with Down Syndrome can be achieved by just adding the lacking or missing nutrients to their diet.

As a Down Syndrome treatment, I personally would be more likely to accept the TNI perspective if the microencephally was stopped from developing, but it isn’t. The brain still fails to grow even with everything we put into our kids, which in turn strongly suggests, but does not prove, thatincreasing intelligence fails to occur when Down Syndrome specific TNI is implemented.

The other big downside is the brain’s structure is different in people with Down Syndrome, which suggests the retardation is likely to be genetically based to some extent – not just missing nutrients. You can find out more about this by going to our page on intelligence , which also has other valuable Down Syndrome information for maintaining or increasing intelligence of an adult or kid with Down Syndrome.

Our page on the brain of babies with Down Syndrome also sheds a more modern picture of what’s happening to the brain and why, as well as a possible treatment for Down Syndrome in the not too distant future.


Jacob, with Down Syndrome, aged 1 year, with his brothers and sister.At 12 months (January, 2001) Jacob interacts with us like our other kids did at his age. He loves having us and his brothers and sister around him and he seems to be just as intelligent as our other highly intelligent kids were at his age. He can’t crawl or walk yet, but one has to allow for the mobility problems and muscle tone problems that Down Syndrome causes. To find out how he has developed to date, click on the development link below. Photo: Jacob (1yr) and siblings.


At 1 year of age, microencephally becomes evidenced in most Down Syndrome kids, as it did with Jacob: Head circumference falls below 3% on the growth charts. The reason is almost universally the same – the brain fails to grow and there is no way to help it along, though some scientists are working very hard at developing a treatment for Down Syndrome and are making some inroads.

Here’s what some researchers have found when they investigated tni as a Down Syndrome treatment: “…Although there are some rare inborn disorders that respond to certain vitamins, Down syndrome is not one of these. Trials of high doses of vitamins in kids with Down syndrome have failed to show any improvement in the kids treated. In fact, some vitamins can accumulate in the body and have toxic effects, slowing down the kid’s development and causing ill health.”( Selikowitz, MD, Mark. 1990)

“In no instance did the megavitamin therapy result in an increase in intelligence, motor performance, or communicative abilities, or change the appearance of the kids or adults studied. Unfortunately, some professionals continue to offer false hope to parents by promising changes with this therapy.” (Pueschel, MD, Siegfried M. & Jeanette K. Pueschel. 1992).

The above information was included in the position statement approved by the National Down Syndrome Organisation (USA), March, 1995. The position statement for 2004 reaffirms there earlier Down Syndrome position paper on vitamin therapy, but is based on more recent research.

So, why bother with tni as a Down Syndrome treatment at all?   Well, all the original hype about tni as a Down Syndrome treatment for increasing intelligence looks like it was false hope, but, an offshoot was the finding that it may help maintain their intelligence from deteriorating; which may happen in the first couple of years from being born – but I would suggests any TNI supplementation be matched to the baby or kid’s blood findings and for blood samples to be taken regularly with alterations in the TNI as needed.

“There is a specific tni formula you can take if you find out your in utero kid has Down Syndrome. One of the advantages of finding out early I guess. This very early intervention for Down Syndrome supposedly helps alot with muscle tone – we never used it of course, not knowing about it, so don’t know if that is true. My feeling though is that it is a false claim, as I don’t see how the nutrient treatment for Down Syndrome, even if given while the baby is in utero, would stimulate the cerebellum to grow normally. The drugs that may have this desired treatment effect on the cerebellum, are still in the very early experimental stages with animals. Hopefully, this new drug based early intervention for Down Syndrome, will become available in the next 10 years or so.

By two years of age Jacob’s intelligence estimation had sprouted from around Intelligence Quotient 50 to Intelligence Quotient 75! We were overjoyed, it looked like we were achieving our main goal of increasing intelligence, that the treatments for Down Syndrome we were implementing were working. Over the next 12 months we saw him slipping further and further behind. By four and a half years of age, our best estimate would be more like 60 to 65. We should be able to come up with an actual IQ score when we feel he would do an IQ test properly and we decide we want to know.

Incidentally, there is now a lot of research into newer drugs that may be beneficial as Down Syndrome treatments for those who are a bit old to be considered for early treatment programs / interventions. So something better than Piracetam may not be too far away for increasing intelligence – you may find our page on smart drugs and Down Syndrome interesting.

Down Syndrome and an Australian TNI Treatment

When Jacob turned three years old (in 2003) we begun using the Australian tni formula as his Down Syndrome treatment , as we were strongly questioning the value of spending so much on one of the American products when it didn’t seem to be working.

The American product also used megadoses on certain nutrients and supplemented with selenium, a highly toxic substance – The Bayer pharmaceutical company states selenium supplementation to people under 15 years of age is dangerous. In Australia, this warning or similiar is on all supplements which contain selenium.

In other words, the lesson here is to realise that just because something claims to be a Down Syndrome treatment, doesn’t mean it is a safe treatment – it may be deadly to your kid in the long run.

The Australian product did not contain selenium and the Australian company informed me that they too were receiving many positive testimonies from parents about the company’s product increasing intelligence, health, etc of kids with Down Syndrome. The companies position was that you don’t need to supplement every nutrient, just the ones known to be essential and affected by Down Syndrome. One’s family doctor then prescribes what other nutrients are needed by the individual.

So we are giving it a try to see how it works out. The Australian company also states the benefits can be seen at any age – you can start and stop as you like, that way you can see if it is helping. When considering this Down Syndrome treatment, you may like to also have a read of our three web pages on dementia and Down Syndrome, vascualar dementia and Alzheimers disease. You may be very surprised at what research is finding out, particularly in relation to trying to prevent dementia and Alzheimers disease.

Metabolic treatment for Down Syndrome – The Benefits of Regular Blood Tests

It is not well known that people with Down Syndrome can be massively overweight and possibly malnourished at the same time. With Down Syndrome, that extra chromosome is not idle, about half the genes on it are working, thereby creating metabolic imbalances. Some nutrients are used up rapidly, while other products are over produced by the chromosome and need nutrients to help the body compensate. Tni treatment is often called a metabolic treatment for that reason.

We have to have Jacob’s blood tested fully every 6 to 12 months, with other blood tests every three months to keep a check on any abnormality or low or high readings that come out of the full blood workouts. The blood chemistry of young kids and babies with Down Syndrome can be very unstable, as it was with Jacob.

The blood tests are vitally important for those with Down Syndrome. For example, at 10 to 11 months of age and again at two years of age, we found out that Jacob’s iron count had fallen to dangerously low levels, but we picked it up early enough both times to avoid the mental retardation that very low iron levels eventually cause.

Even with the tni Down Syndrome treatment, at two years of age, Jacob was also found to be down in Selenium and one of the B vitamins. Never underestimate the importance of very regular blood tests on those with Down Syndrome, even when supplementing.

For the reasons just given, I consider regular blood testing to be a vitally important passive intervention for Down Syndrome. It may not fix anything directly, but it allows early intervention to be performed – hopefully before any permanent damage occurs.

By the way, I need to add, that the American formula we used did not contain iron and had only a very small smidgeon of iodine, if either one of these are lacking in your kid’s blood make sure it is supplemented correctly, as either deficiency can cause marked intellectual loss.

Averting the loss of intelligence for your kid with Down Syndrome, is the easiest way you have of increasing it over what it would have been for your kid, had you failed to intervene. It is by far the simplest and most effective treatment for increasing intelligence in those with Down Syndrome.

DMSO as a Down Syndrome Treatment

At two years and five months of age, we introduced Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) treatment. It appeared to have positive effects which were quite noticable almost immediately it was begun. For example, Jacob shortly after using it, for the very first time, held my hand with his fingers curling around my hand. The joy I experienced at that moment was almost tearful. We stopped the DMSO after a short while though, because the stink was just too much. For more information on DMSO, click on the DMSO here.

Down Syndrome treatments and the Need to have a Supportive Doctor

We are very fortunate to have a supportive doctor who backs us in trying to find treatments for Down Syndrome – in using the tni, the piracetam and is agreeable to the necessary blood tests.

Think about it, metabolic imbalance can cause mental retardation, dementia, blindness, patchy hair growth, etc, etc, etc. Yet people with a metabolic disorder – called Down Syndrome – are seldom if ever given a blood work out to see what’s wonky in their blood chemistry!!!

Crazy. Professionals class it as genetic and then fail to realise the metabolic effect of the genetic material and, therefore, offer no treatment to correct it. Those blood tests are all important to increasing intelligence over what might have been.

If your doctor isn’t supportive of the blood tests, it is possibly you and your kid with Down Syndrome will suffer greatly as a result – possibly for the rest of your lives.

The difference between preserving intelligence and letting it slip can be profoundly debilitating for the kid – such guilt is not something I would want to live with as a parent. We do the blood tests. I consider the blood tests to be one of the most important weapons, we have as parents, in the treatment of our kids with Down Syndrome.

Dolphin Therapy as a treatment for Down Syndrome

Another Down Syndrome treatment we have explored is dolphin therapy. There are about threeDolphin therapy approaches that can be used with someone with Down Syndrome, the more novel one being:

Dolphins change their noises when a person with a disablility enters the water and increases the power of their noises substantially. Some interesting and positive findings have come out for those with cerebral palsy and or other conditions. It appears to have been demonstrated that it changes the way the brain is functioning.

One girl who suffered a genetic condition that stopped her from developing walking and talking developed both and an autistic kid developed language – immediately.

One explanation is that the dolphins analyse things, such as people, when they are exposed to them and then emit healing sounds that penetrate the body through the water. It should prove an interesting area of research.

For more information on the types of dolphin therapy click on Jacob’s Dolphin Therapy link on the side of this page – if we lived near dophins we would certainly look at giving it a go, as it appears that Dolphin Therapy as a Down Syndrome treatment has something to offer through each of it’s three approaches.

The Doman-Delacato Method as a treatment Strategy for Down Syndrome

The Doman-Delacato Method. I researched the Doman Delacato Method when I was a trainee psychologist about 25 years ago, with a very young kid with marked intellectual disability. I found that although the Doman-Delacato treatment appeared to speed up the learning of behaviour, the speed up was then followed by stagnation, a period of no change. That this cycle repeated itself several times with the girl I was studying. My conclusion was that although there were measurable and quantifiable improvements that appeared to be directly linked to the Doman-Delacato Treatment, the relative gains were not maintained against her age peers over time. The Doman-Delacato method appeared to speed things up at times, but sadly did not appear to give rise to higher potential.

Therefore I doubt that it would perform any better as a Down Syndrome treatment.

The Use of a Decompression Chamber as a treatment in Down Syndrome

Another Down Syndrome treatment that has been suggested to me is the use of a decompression chamber to force oxygen into the body, which then allows the body to heal more rapidly. I’m not sure how safe this treatment would be with a baby or a kid and I’m not sure how it would help heal someone of Down Syndrome. If you find any Down Syndrome facts or research or adverse symptoms on this treatment you may like to let me know. Personally, I feel it may be quite dangerous and I see no benefits to be really gained from it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine as a Treatment for Down Syndrome

For Traditional Chinese Medicine I contacted a large number of universities around the world, including some in China, left messages in appropriate newsgroup and and made personal contact with a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Very few responses were received back.

The summary of the responses: Traditional Chinese Medicine does not consider the brain an important organ when it comes to therapy intervention, so they have no treatment for Down Syndrome which may help with increasing intelligence.

Down Syndrome and Naturopathic Treatment

My wife approached a certified naturopath, who said she could provide a liquid which would restore his intelligence. She also claimed she could prevent Down Syndrome from ever developing. A breakthrough Downs Syndrome treatment? Needless to say, we never went back to her and we have never seen her become famous for being able to cure Down Syndrome.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet as a Down Syndrome Treatment

The specific carbohydrate diet is not a Down Syndrome treatment that we have personally used – Jacob’s diet is a low carbohydrate diet to start with, so we haven’t experienced the health problems associated with a high carbohydrate diet. From what we can gather, the specific carbohydrate diet may be a very worthwhile Down Syndrome treatment, when symptoms and signs of a gut related illness is present. This treatment for Down Syndrome, when correctly done, may even boost the IQ, intelligence or functioning of the kid with a gut related problem.

Massage as a Treatment for Down Syndrome

Gentle massage is good for bringing the baby into greater awareness of his/her own body. Instinctively I think about massaging around the scalp – one would need to be extremely careful and gentle to avoid damaging the brain and I certainly would never touch the hole in the skull.

Realistically though, there is no indication of reduced blood flow to the brain in Down’s Syndrome that I’m aware of, so any healing capacity of this treatment, if there is any, would possibly lay in it’s sensory stimulation. As a Down Syndrome treatment to increase intelligence, I think it is unlikely to work.

Just Dive in to the rest of this Down Syndrome Web site

So, you have read this introductory page of Jacob’s web site on Down Syndrome treatments. Please follow the links to his other web pages. I think you’ll find the rest of the pages packed with useful treatments for Down Syndrome and other valuable Down Syndrome information.

I also think Jacob would have been so much more advanced than he is now, if I could have had the information on early intervention to act on when he was born. Not knowing the information was too high a price for Jacob to pay.

I sincerely hope you got the treatment strategies here more timely than we did. If you want to contact us, go to the “contact us” link at the top or bottom of our webpages. If you have your own website, feel free to link to Jacob’s, as it helps get the message out to more people who may need it – we are happy to give a reciprocal link as well.

Our member sites will soon all be carrying this logo Liked this Down syndrome web site, then you may find our other ones beneficial or helpful as well:

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