Jacob, a child with Down Syndrome, enjoying a family holiday and browsing in shops, like any other 5 year old child wouldJacob looking at books and watching TV at age 6 years - Down Syndrome doesn't stop normal development, but social attitudes do. - Jacob, a baby with Down Syndrome - Jacob at one year of age

Children with Down Syndrome – Pictures and Photos

This page is absolutely loaded with pictures / photos of toddlers, adults, teenagers and children with Down Syndrome.

We hope that by presenting these Down Syndrome pictures here, that our visitors will come to realize that Down syndrome children, adults, etc are just normal people going about their daily lives, with dreams and the potential to achieve.

For clarification, “Down syndrome children” and “Down’s syndrome children” and “Downs syndrome children” are search terms frequently used by by people when trying to find out more about children with Down Syndrome.

Using the terms Down syndrome children, Down syndrome child and so on, has been found to be offensive to some parents and professionals working with children with Down syndrome.

The rationale for this, is that when we use the term, eg “Down syndrome children”, we are putting the condition of Down Syndrome in front of the child. Meaning we are seeing the condition before we see the child, whereas we should be able to see the child first, then take note of the condition.

It is an important distinction, and is part of the way our society, our world, is moving beyond diagnosis Down Syndrome, to see the very human child.

To bring the point firmly home, we don’t say “cancer children”, do we? We say “children with cancer”.

Although I fully concur that Down syndrome children and so on is a sign of backward thinking by people, including parents of children with Down syndrome to be, who don’t yet understand the subtlety involved, the fact is that most people searching for pictures of children with Down syndrome, are using the search terms Down syndrome pictures, Down syndrome children, and these people need to be catered for as well.

Also, we have many pictures of Jacob, my child with Down syndrome, spread through out this site. You may be interested in doing a quick test we have on spotting the toddler with Down syndrome. Believe me, you need a trained eye to tell which child has Downs syndrome.

Pictures and photos of children with Down syndrome

Boy child with Downs syndromeSame boy with Down syndrome from different angle and expression

Sister and brother playing on the beach, the boy has Downs SyndromDown syndrome child blowing bubbles

What do we learn from the above 4 pictures of Down syndrome children?

Well, children with Down Syndrome mostly have family that they like to play with and be with, They like to blow bubbles, and they love the beach. Sounds like kids with Down syndrome are pretty typical kids in those respects. Also, this chap looks pretty handsome, doesn’t he?

toddler girl with Down syndromeGirl toddler with Downs syndrome

Sisters with Down SyndromeChildren with Down syndrome - sisters

Down syndrome girl childMother / mum with daughter with Down syndrome

What do we learn from these 5 pictures of children with Downs syndrom? First off, they look pretty normal to me. Children with Down syndrome love to interact with other family members, and they like to learn about their world and enjoy life. Hmm, pretty normal kid stuff again.

Infant with Downs syndrome

This gorgeous and very happy child with Down syndrome is obviously enjoying the play, and I would say, going on the focus of the eyes, she is probably interacting with a person besides the photographer. Pretty typical kid stuff again.

Teenage girl with Downs syndrome on a farm with a goat herd

Adolescent girl with Down syndrome on top of mountainTeenage girl with downs syndrome putting on makeup.

An interesting set of three photos pictures of a teenage girl with Down syndrome. In the first you can grasp the idea that she may be helping out on the farm with moving the goats, in the second she is obviously showing off, and in the third, well, putting on makeup is a pretty girlish thing to do.

Girl with Down syndrome playing fluteGirl child with Downs syndrome on laptop

Close up of girls face with Down syndrome

Down syndrome girl drawing

Girl with Down syndrome on laptop again

Girl with Down syndrome with sisterGirl with Downs syndrome with grandfather

I couldn’t quite make up my mind if all these pictures were of one child with Down syndrome  or whether they were two or three different ones. Still, the pictures of those with Down syndrome show that they interact and love their relatives, irrespective of the relatives age. That children with Down syndrome  love to draw and work / play on computers, can learn to play music (and some can be multilingual if given the chance I might add), and look more Down syndrome at some times than others – we notice this with Jacob too.  Sometimes he looks very Down syndromey, and other times he looks very very normal.

Father and oldish child / son with down syndrom

Older child with Down syndrome playing with dog

Again we see in these Down syndrome pictures the common element that children with Down syndrome love their family and love to play with animals too.

Closeup of face of older girl with Down syndrome

Older girl with down syndrome, with the snowman she made

Older girl with Down's syndrome using ski lift

Obviously a much older child with Down’s syndrome, perhaps a mid teenager, who appears to participate in the the typical winter time snow activities. I’ve never built a snowman, so wonder how mine would turn out.

Down syndrome child with his familyDad, with son with Down syndrome

Mother and child with Down syndrome

Young male child with Down's syndrome / trisonomy 21

Boy and girl children with Down syndrome

Down syndrome girl playing with dog

Again, these pictures of children with Down syndrome  are showing that they love interacting with other people and animals. Pretty nice looking toddlers don’t you think?

Young Down syndrome boy playing in sandpitYoung boy with Downs syndrom

I really couldn’t be sure from the pictures if this was the same child with Down syndrome. Certainly the elements of play and interacting positively with the photographer and enjoying the experience are obvious.

Adult man with Downs syndrome working or studyingAdult woman with Down's syndrome using mobile phone

Finally comes adulthood, and we can see from these two photos of adults with Down syndrome, that they can read, use laptops and mobile phones.

The photo of the Down syndrome adult on a laptop certainly does bring out the stereotype that people have of people with Down Syndrome to the surface.  My son is 10 years old with Down Syndrome, and uses laptops and computers with ease.  People with Down Syndrome tend to love these technological break throughs we call computers.
Anyway, people with Down syndrome normally continue to learn through out their lives, maybe not as well as most people, but the vast majority of those born with DS are quite capable individuals.  People think Down Syndrome, and then want to write them off as never being able to fit in – they only dont fit in if people don’t put the effort into them.

I’ve also received one email that talked of the very negative sterotype of Down Syndrome adults, that they were babies, couldn’t learn, and you just looked after them – again a response to that photo of the man on the computer. The person who wrote it was stunned about it, stating that when he visited a center in the 70’s, that was what the manager of the facility believed and stated to visitors. Just couldn’t get over how “reality” changed so much in just 30 years!

Well that ends this graphical picture portrayal of those with Down syndrome. I think I have made the point quite well, that children with Down syndrome  are people first. They don’t look terrible or scary, most actually look as normal as everyone else. Children who love, are loved back, and who can participate in life to the best of their abilities.

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