Jacob, a child with Down Syndrome, enjoying a family holiday and browsing in shops, like any other 5 year old child wouldJacob looking at books and watching TV at age 6 years - Down Syndrome doesn't stop normal development, but social attitudes do. - Jacob, a baby with Down Syndrome - Jacob at one year of age

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Christi S 27/May/2002:11:40:59
WOW!! What a great website for Jacob. My youngest, Matthew, 10 months
old, is Down Syndrome. I came across your site as I was researching
information on TNI. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It has
inspired and encouraged me to continue the fight. I am in the process
of starting a D.S. parent support group in our area and some of your
information is going to be quite helpful to a few of the parents in our
group who are struggling just to accept the challenge that they have
been given with raising a Down Syndrome child.

God Bless you and your family

Susan 25/May/2002:19:46:49
My 16 yr old daughter has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy who
was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He will be coming home tonight from
the neonatal icu -&- my daughter -&- I are happy he will be home now.
While I was doing some research on the web, I came across your
website. I am very interested in keeping in contact with other
families who have children with Down Syndrome and how they are coping with
everything, including nutritional needs, etc. Also any new research
that is being done to promote optimal health, both physically -&-
mentally, of Down Syndrome babies.

My daughter -&- I are also Christians seeking the Lord’s will in all
this … and we know that He will get the glory through this little new
life in the world …

Thank you for having such a wonderful website,

Lisa Kingsbury 21/May/2002:20:51:16
I really enjoyed your website. You have some very good links to
information. I am on the DSTNI list with you. You have a very lovely
family and Jacob is just gorgeous! Thanks for taking the time to get
info. out to new parents.
Lisa Kingsbury
Mother of David 12, Alex 8, Ryder 2, Abby Down Syndrome 6 months
Albamarina 16/May/2002:19:23:36
I`m writing from Barcelona, Spain. But we are from Venezuela.
I have a 9 years old child with Down`s Syndrome. I have to change my
place of living because of him, to educate him the way it should be.
We lost tons of precious time in our third world country, which do not
have any of the avantages that have first countries. Even though, there
were the therapists and the doctor who try to shown the best way to
follown with less than little to go on.
Now, I have him in a very good special school which have interchanged
classes with a regular public school.
I learned about TNI in Venezuela, but we have to timported from the
States , and was very expensive. I have not contacted here, in
Barcelona, with somebody who its using that therapy. We got to you
because my father is taking Piracetam for his forginess, we want to
know more about it.
We are citizens of the world, we have no religion, but what we all need
to take our children ahead is the love we carry inside for them. Thats
the motor
Raed 14/Apr/2002:15:38:48
Dear Jacob,
I came across your web site as I was looking for help for my 4 month
old baby girl Gabriella.
I just wanted to tell you that you have a new friend now from Egypt and
that I join your parents and will pray for you and my baby tommorrow
five times a day as a moslem.
I will also pray for you next Friday in the mosque, I trust all will be
better soon ishallah. always Keep your wonderful smile.

Raed-&-Baby Gabriella

Hema Siva 08/Mar/2002:06:51:54
Dear Jacob,

I came across your web page by chance as I was researching the
topic on down syndrome and its effects on mental retardation. My heart
goes out to you and your family. I sense a lot of love behind the
efforts in ensuring your progress. I am a first year student doing my
masters in clinical psychology. It is real stories like yours that
inspire us, the new generation of potential professionals. Your details
on your progress motivates us and provides us with a sense of direction.
Thank you for the effort and I will look out for your progress whenever

With warm regards,

Tamara 07/Feb/2002:10:05:10
Your dedication to helping your son is inspiring. Jacob seems like
such a lovely boy, it’s hard to imagine anyone doing less for their
child with Down Syndrome. I’m sorry that you haven’t been entirely
satisifed with the medical profession with regard to the support that
they have shown you. I’m a first year medical student with so much
compassion for people like yourselves and Jacob, I hope to contribute
to a change in these attitudes. Good luck to Jacob, I’ll be checking
on his progress!
Hi I’m from the State of Maine I enjoyed your website I also have Down
Syndrome I graducated from high school in 1996 my GPA is 91.7 the
second highest of my class with a 6 grade level in math my thoughts -&-
prayers to the family
Lars -&- Lailani 06/Jan/2002:21:23:40
Thanks again Carolyn -&- Donald,
We have copied some pages for our
presentation to DSAQ. We know that you don’t mind.

We are planning to see them this week, with the information that we
have collected

Lars -&- Lailani

Alisa 16/Nov/2001:15:13:50
What a great site for your son! You have great information here and a
wonderful testimonial. We have a son that will be 4 years old on March
06. We have a similar story. Good Luck to you and your family.


Jesus Love You, Too
Susan A Great Day! 05/Nov/2001:00:23:28
You have quite an informative site! I also have a son with Down
Syndrome who is now 13 years old. He has been on a TNI program since
he was 5 years old and I believe has benefited greatly from it. I
accept that he will always have Down Syndrome and will do whatever I
can to help him reach his potential. But Down Syndrome is only a very
small part of who he is as a human being and I love him for all the
qualities he possesses.
Chindee 20/Oct/2001:21:54:05
Thanks you very much to provide us the very useful informations. I am a
mother of 2 and half year old Down Syndrome boy, Dennis. He is on TNI program. I can
see significant change in his health. He is an active and a happy boy..
Megan 13/Oct/2001:16:40:42
What a wonderful story to give parents back the hope they feel has been
lost. My son does not have Down Syndrome but being a mother, I know how the
slightest thing can worry you and make you wonder if you can go on. You
and your family’s story has given me the inspiration to face the day-to-
day problems and anything else that comes my way. Thank you.
Sue Goh 29/Sep/2001:10:26:42
First of all i would like to say “What a great webpage!!”
Secondly, i’m not a mother ‘yet”, and not even married. I found this
webpage when surfing the net for some information about Down syndrome.
I’m currently studying the certificate IV Teachers Assistant-Special
Needs course, and plan to enter uni after and become a primary school
By just reading all the things you wrote on your page really inspired
me and I think would make ‘some’ people in our society be more tolerant
and less prejudice about anyone with any kinds of disabilities.
The last picture on your webpage was beautiful! That’s what a perfect
family would look like…and you have one.
Keep positive and always look on the brighter side of things.
God bless.
Tammy 08/Jul/2001:14:22:45
All children are special, and I have come to truly believe that children
with Down Syndrome are truly special. My son with Down Syndrome is now 9 months and in that
short time he has made me realise so much more about myself and my
family that I guess I knew but just took for granted. I have come to
realise that our human lives are just so fragile and we need to live
each day for what it is worth. There may not be a tomorrow, so learn to
love today.
To my mind now as I look at my son and hold him, the extra genetic
material has made him that little bit more perfect. He will always
retain his childlike innocence, he will never worry for hi future, he
has so far tackled every day of his life with a passion I can only envy.
These children truly are special and I believe we can all learn from
The sooner society stops dictating that we should have perfect babies,
and they can see past the labels, Then thay will see people just trying
ti live thier lives the same as us.
I loved your web page. I live in the U.S. and my son Nicholas has D.S.
also, he will be 7 in August. We have had him on piracetam since he
was 14 months old. He is extremely verbal and very high functioning.
We believe this is due to the piracetam. We host the D.S. support
group of 45 families, of which 7-10 families actually turn out every 1-
2 months. We have found families try piracetam for 2-3 months and say
they do not see a difference. I would have to differ with them as I am
sure you would also. Jacob keep up the great work!! There are alot of
people who need to read your web page. THANK YOU
Joe Lyeath 25/Jan/2001:14:32:47
really liked it.

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